Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Do you have a mobile phone to sell?

Looking to sell your phone to generate some extra cash or shop vouchers?

Did you ever consider what can happen if the data on your mobile phone goes into wrong hands?

Safe PC Disposal is a fully Certified Recycling Company. We pay top prices for your gadgets and destroy all mobile phone data following the CESG and ISO 27001 Standards.

It is estimated that more then 54% of disposed mobile devices still contain personal information.

Factory Reset™ or ˜Erase™ function does NOT necessarily delete all the data. There are many software systems in the market that can still recover the information contained within mobile devices.

Many mobile phone recycling firms state in their terms and conditions that it is the users responsibility to remove the data on their device. These companies use the factory reset to delete the data, so you have the same results as above. We are advocates of protecting the environment and creating revenue for our clients through erasure and reuse. Where this is not possible the item is securely destroyed and the materials recycled. We treat mobile devices like all other data holding equipment. We offer secure collection, permanent data removal and certification. We use Blancco Mobile Edition to securely overwrite phone or tablet internal and external memory and SIM cards. If equipment fails to get erased on blancco then we shred mobiles from our approved shredder We have dedicated team of mobile technicians who are especially trained to handle mobile devices. We have a unique recycling Asset tracking software for most accurate reporting with serial numbers.