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Written by admin on Feb 20, 2017

Written by admin

1 year ago

When equipment’s become old, they remain no longer in use and are finally thrown away by users. If you are one of them and are bored with your used IT equipment then wait a minute, you can take more benefit of it than just throw it away. SafePC Disposal brings fantastic repair refurbish services through which your old equipment’s can be recycled and their life can be extended.

SafePC Disposal is a registered company with environment agency and possesses a valid license. SafePC Disposal offers flawless and harmless WEEE recycling services which are environment friendly. The company aims to provide hassle-free disposal services which are legally accepted and harmless to environment. Following are some services offered by SafePC Disposal UK;

Laptop Recycling

New hard drive technology has been introduced and data security has become the first priority of companies. In this digital age, it is very important that the data must be secured before the disposal of laptops. SafePC Disposal is ISO 27001 standard certified and offers the most secured and specialized laptop recycling UK services.

Computer Recycling

When it comes to recycle or refurbish old computers, SafePC Disposal is best in business in UK. SafePC Disposal has the best Free Computer Disposal UK services and ensures cost-effective process. Besides that, when clients calls for the disposal and recycling of their computers, SafePC Disposal presents a descent quotation and manages to collect the computers on company’s own vehicle.

Collection is made on timing convenient to the clients and best recovery & recycling treatment is applied. Once the process is completed, SafePC Disposal issues a recycling and data destruction report.

Mobile Phone Recycling

SafePC Disposal holds expertise on mobile phone recycling as it has been rated best to provide Mobil Phone Recycling UK services. The company ensures secure collection of your device, removal of data permanently and certification. The company also has the best recycling and data destruction team containing best technicians.

Secure Data Removal

When equipment’s get old, they are disposed off. On time of its disposal, users face data destruction problems. SafePC Disposal offers fantastic data removal and secure data erasing UK services. It is the very first company to offer its clients to witness onsite-data destruction or destruction is also managed on premises of clients.

Collection & Logistics

Besides all the services, SafePC Disposal has a fully-featured Collection & Logistics UK services. The company has a licensed fleet containing waste carriers which are always ready to collect your IT wastes on urgent calls and through emails.


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