Re-deployment Services

Re-deployment Services


Re-deployment of IT equipment extends the life-cycle of your IT equipment maximizing the cost benefits of your equipment upgrade program.
Redeployment of IT equipment is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment and many Organizations refurbish and or upgrade their existing used computer equipment and re-deploy items within the Organization.

Safe PC Disposal will securely data-wipe all equipment before upgrading and repairing it. All your assets which are redeployed into your organization, will be 100% wiped of all data. We provide guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including MOD Certified data wiping software and physical destruction facilities. The computer will then be re-imaged with your basic software profile before being redeployed back in to your business for re-use within your company.

This process can be repeated until the equipment becomes totally obsolete, at which stage Safe PC Disposal will recycle it Free of cost* for your company.

Being one of the thirteen companies in the UK to hold a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher License (MAR), Safe PC Disposal can refurbish all Computers and Laptops with genuine Microsoft operating system software to businesses and other users. This MAR License is tailored for large refurbishers who work with Microsoft to deliver genuine Windows software licenses on the computers they sell, hence, giving Safe PC Disposal an extreme competitive edge.

Our services includes a full transparent reporting process by our unique Recycling Manager Software in order that your management of company assets remains accurate.

Please contact our team on 01235 534365 to enquire more details about Re-deployment.