Secure Data Erasing

Secure Data Erasing

Safe PC Disposal offer cost-effective and Secure Data Destruction services for all data-bearing equipment and devices.

One of the greatest concerns faced by our customers when disposing of their redundant IT equipment is the removal and destruction of personal and/or sensitive data contained within them.

Safe PC Disposal provide Secure Data Destruction services, either in-house, or On-site at your premises if you wish to witness the process. All processes are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive and full documentation is provided.


For highly sensitive data, Safe PC Disposal offer an onsite hard drive destruction service, where the customer can witness their drives being destroyed on their premises.

Our portable hard drive destruction unit is certified by CESG. The crusher can destroy over 100 hard drives per hour and guarantees total hard drive destruction. It runs on standard electricity and can be used in an office environment with little or no disruption to surrounding staff.

This service is quite essential for any Organization with sensitive data on their equipment, Law firms, Police, Banks, Government Offices.

At Safe PC Disposal,

All Public & Employers liability insurance valid.
Fully certified with the Environment Agency.
Registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner Office.
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.
Microsoft Authorized and Registered Refurbishers.
All employees trained to comply with good health and safety practice.
All PPE worn.
Fully Vetted and trained Staff.
All machinery is safe and clean, ready to use in any work environment.
No goggles required for crushing
Nation-wide Service.


The only way to permanently destroy data, without physically destroying the hard disk, is by multiple overwriting of the data by generating and recording random characters across the entire surface of the drive, resulting in complete data destruction and resetting of file sizes to zero.

There are an increasing number of overwriting standards which people refer to, including the American Military standard DOD 5220.22-M or HMG Infosec Enhanced Standard 5. These standards dictate that the drive has to be over-written a minimum 3 times.

For software-based data destruction, Safe PC Disposal uses the latest CESG approved overwriting software that exceeds this standard and allows us to overwrite our customer’s hard drives up to a maximum of ninety-nine times.

What happens if data destruction is unsuccessful?

In the event that data destruction is unsuccessful i.e. if the hard drive fails the data erase process, or if it the hard drive below 40GB, the hard drive is destroyed at our facility using a CESG approved Hard Disk Crusher.

All company references including permanent security markings will be removed from equipment, prior to resale. In the event that permanent security markings cannot be removed, equipment will be forwarded for destruction.

This is completely free and is included in every collection / drop off.

All Data destruction Certificates and Asset tracking reports are provided as a part of service.