What do I do with my fossil of a copier?

Written by admin on Feb 20, 2017

Written by admin

1 year ago

Congratulations! You bought a brand new high tech, state of the art copier that does almost everything but write documents for you. The only problem is that your old copier is now sitting in the corner of your office collecting dust and maybe becoming a table that just needs some chairs to go along with it. Copier disposal in the UK has never been easier and this informative article will help give you some ideas for something to do other than dumping it on the side of the road. But seriously, did you know it is illegal to dump electronics? Dumping electronic poses a threat not only to the environment but also to human health. Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a criminal from those extra electronics that you have.

Give to those in need

Let’s consider your copier is still in working condition and you want someone to take it off your hands. What truly makes the world go around is helping those who are not as fortunate. One of the best ways to facilitate that through copier disposal is to donate to a local charity. Each charity may have different guidelines as tohow you donate. Or you could think outside the box and see if there are any schools, churches, or other local places that could get good use out of a working copy machine.

Post an ad

If your copier is still in decent working condition and you are looking to make a few bucks, then place an advertisement in the newspaper, online or on craigslist. There are a lot of people that are looking to buy used electronics that do a lot of research online, and know that they in some cases like enjoy working without a middleman which can help them get it cheaper.

Contact the manufacturer

It’s possible that the manufacturer has a program for collecting electronic items to be recycledsuch as copier machines. Many manufacturers in the field of copier disposal in the UK will take old electronics. You may even be able to get them to pick up your machine from your door step. Other options include contacting the store you got the copier from or other large electronic stores that may have activities/programs for recycling copiers. If you’re out of luck with those choices, you are sure to find somewhere that will take your copier though state or local environmental groups. Try searching for them online and you’ll likely figure out how to get ahold of them.

When in doubt – don’t dump

One thing that you may be tempted to do is to dump the copier off in the trash. While that may seem like the easiest thing to do did you know it is considered electronic waste?You certainly don’t want to throw your copier in the trash or dumpster. Copier machines contain metal toxins that are harmful to peoples’ health when they get infused with the world’s garbage supply.


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