Mobile Recycling in UK

A consumer group in the UK known as Consumer Focus estimates that the count of unused mobile phones in the UK reaches a whopping 85 million! However, in 2009, 8 million mobile devices were recycled in the UK. More than half of the people that live in the UK upgrade their contracts and phones every few years. Barely over half of the people in the UK know of the ability to recycle their mobile devices and the benefits that come along with it. So read on, save the environment and perhaps make a little money in the process.

Extra Money

On average, people in the UK have about 2 unused phones, however, about 1 out of 7 people have 4 unused devices in their house. Currently, the total worth of unused, old phones in the UK reaches approximately £6.86 billion. What does that mean for you? Extra money in your pocket to buy possibly a brand new phone! So, how do you go about recycling your mobile in the UK?

Mobile Recycling in the UK

Non-biodegradable materials in cell phones such as the cadmium batteries can pollute the earth water supply. The good news is over 90% of the materials in cell phones can be recovered. With 105 million mobile phones being discarded every year in Europe, that is a great deal of material that can be utilized for reuse and to filter out toxins. Instead of discarding them there are a lot of different options for mobile recycling. Some companies will take your old phones and refurbish them. After being refurbished they are sent off to developing countries to help build up communication in that country. If your phone is not able to be refurbished then chances are it will get sent off to a UK mobile recycling plant. Another option if you want to recycle your phone is to contact your phone service provider and they usually have a place where you can recycle not only mobile phones, but other electronics and batteries as well.


If the phone that you want to get rid of is of the newer variety, then chances are you will be able to get decent money for it. There are a lot of companies online that allow you to enter all the information and details of your phone such as its condition and if there are scratches, and then will give you a quote. Some sites will even guarantee that you will get the most bang for your buck and if you find another site that will pay you higher they will give you the difference.

Auction Style

You can usually make a bit more money if you have a little extra time on your hands. One popular auction style example is eBay. You can place a listing and see how much the item that you have has recently sold for and decide how long you want the auction to last and a minimum that you want to receive for the phone.


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