Signs It’s time to recycle your old laptop

Do you ever wonder what you should do with the growing number of dusty laptops that you have in your house? Maybe you have anentire room dedicated for your used electronics? Or maybe you are afraid of laptop disposal because your old data is on them? If any of these sound like you, then listen to the signs and consider your options. One option to consider for getting rid of these old laptops is by laptop recycling!

What is Laptop Recycling?

Laptop recycling is becoming more and more common and is a great option for laptop disposal. It can also be known as computer recycling, e-recycling, electronic recycling, or e-waste recycling. Usually with laptop recycling, the hardware is first disassembled. After that step is completed, the different components are sorted and the plastics get grinded down to achieve the same consistency and the plastic components get sent off for recycling. The other components are either melted down or reused elsewhere. Make sure before you send off your laptop for disposal that the company is legitimate and properly recycles your laptop. If not, the company could ship it out to third world countries where the people handling the components could be exposed to some hazardous material, or they could take what they want out of the laptop and throw the rest away. Ensuring that your chosen company will properly recycle your laptop will give you greater piece of mind because you know you are helping save the environment by doing it right!

What to Do Before You Dispose of Your Laptop

You may be scared of letting go of your old laptops for fear of your information getting out, but there are ways to prepare your computer before you let if leave your hands.

You may have some files on it that you want to save before getting rid of it. You can either save the files to a CD-ROM, USB drive, an external hard drive, or a new computer. Make sure to contact the manufacturer of your new computer to be sure you will be able to properly transfer your files. After saving the information that you need the next step is destroying your information that is on your hard drive. This can be done in two ways: Taking the hard drive out of your computer and smashing it to pieces, or using a reputable utility program that will wipe the hard drive clean of all of your personal data.

Why Should You Recycle Your Laptop?

Laptops are made of precious metals and valuable resources. Recycling your laptop can help cut down on resources that are used when searching for these precious metals. Did you know that recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3500 homes each year? Also, it prevents hazardous waste which can become carcinogenic from sitting in landfills. Not only that, but 75 million (yes million) tons of electronics become e-waste each year!!You can feel good about saving the environment and getting rid of your old rubbish all in one trip!!


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