Safe PC Disposal is one of the UK’s leading Authorized Refurbishers. We pride ourselves on providing customers with premium refurbished computers and refurbished laptops that are both heavily discounted and unbeatable in terms of quality and service. We have three dedicated online stores to sell Apple Mac and Windows PC's.

We source second-hand computers from all over the world, and professionally refurbish them to ‘like new’ for students,  businesses and home users who want reputable computing products that go the distance without costing the earth.

Safe PC Disposal can refurbish IT hardware and associated peripherals including monitors, computers, laptops, networking equipment, servers and telecoms equipment allowing for revenue return back to the customer. We only undertake this route with written permission from our clients. Where resale is permitted, all items are visually inspected for asset tags and labels. Any identification is removed without the damage to the equipment. Hard drives are erased to CESG standard. The BIOS will also be scanned for any identification markers and removed electronically where necessary. Both processes are verified a second time at final inspection.

If you have any end of life equipment and you want to get max value for your ex-lease asset then contact us. We will offer 100% secure and max value solution.

Please complete the contact form if you are an entity in need of electronics and computer recycling.

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