Recycling/Selling/Buying/Auctioning Industrial Equipment for Small and Large Businesses, Surplus, Used, New, Metal Working, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electrical, Mechanical, Storage, HVAC, Buildings, Property and the like.

We do Refurbishment, Sell As Is, Custom Build, Test, Repair, and Rigging for all of the Industrial and Residential Equipment. Everything Guaranteed fully functional unless we know otherwise.

Safe PC Disposal is the company which helps an individual or any organization currently looking to dispose of IT equipment or to release capital by selling surplus computer related assets. Even though your computer equipment may be of no further use to you, it may still have a value within the second user market. Safe PC Disposal has a wide ranging network of clients looking to secure second user IT equipment for Schools, Colleges, Charitable Organizations and for Trade contacts in the UK. Safe PC Disposal can repair/ refurbish these equipments and can extend warranty before selling it on. We can organize charity donations and staff buybacks schemes.

Safe PC Disposal specializes in computer wholesale re-marketing solution to any business closing their doors, undergoing bankruptcy, restructuring, upgrading used computer equipment or corporate downsizing due to poor economic conditions. Safe PC Disposal gives good discounted price on Networking gear and surplus computers to wholesale buyers who call our sales team periodically looking for bulk deals, buy and sell used IT assets through our wholesale marketplace.

Please complete the contact form if you are an entity in need of electronics and computer recycling.

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