We help make old things new, we see what no one else sees – we see the utility in the mundane.

Whether it is your old phone or your old TV or your old laptop – give it to us and we repair and refurbish and give you something new.

And we go one step further – we help you manage your e-waste and make yours a new trendy eco-friendly company!

Making the old new!

We take your old devices and machinery and repair and refurbish and provide you with something new by maximizing the value of your redundant IT assets

What you need to know?
It is widely recognized that re-use is better than recycling, enabling equipment and parts to be used over a much longer period which reduces the energy and resources required in the manufacture.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team of technicians are trained to handle all kinds of IT hardware including servers,desktops, laptops, network and firewall devices, etc. All such devices are processed in the same way; our first priority is the security of our clients and so the media is wiped irretrievably as a matter of urgency. After this task has been performed, then we seek to maximize reuse over recycling as reuse is the most environmentally friendly option available.

Redundant hardware often has many years of life left in it when it is retired and, although it may not be up to standard for high-end enterprise use, it can be refurbished and reused in the home, SME, educational, etc environments. Such reuse reduces the amount of waste needing to be recycled whilst also stopping another physical unit from entering the waste stream in the first place.

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