Do you have a mobile phone to sell ?

Looking to sell your phone to generate some extra cash or shop vouchers ?

Did you ever consider what can happen if the data on your mobile phone goes into wrong hands ?

Safe PC Disposal is a fully Certified Recycling Company. We pay top prices for your gadgets and destroy all mobile phone data following the ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 standards.

It is estimated that more than 54% of disposed of mobile devices still contain personal information. Our Mobile Recycling Services operates a fleet of mobile solvent recycling units that provide on-site recycling services throughout the eastern UK. The trailer-mounted self-contained units perform solvent distillation at your facility. Waste solvents are processed in 500-2500 gallons process runs. After processing, the clean solvent is returned to your operation.

Safe PC eliminates the costs of:

• Replacement virgin solvents
• Transportation and disposal of spent solvents
• Administration liabilities associated with transporting hazardous wastes
• High initial capital expenses
• Operating, labour, safety, and maintenance
• Permitting requirements

Typical Recycled Solvents:

• Acetate/Acetone
• Alcohol
• Mineral Spirits
• Toluene
• Xylene
• Blends and Branded Products:
• Isopar/Varsol
• Nutra Clean
• Optisol Rotary
• S-280
• Solvit
• Spectrawash
• Thermaclean

Please complete the contact form if you are an entity in need of electronics and computer recycling.

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