We refurbish and upgrade existing hardware for redeployment into your workplace.
I.T assets are some of the most valuable assets within a business, and in our modern generation, most businesses rely on their I.T assets.
We can unlock the hidden value in what may once have been considered redundant equipment. Our I.T redeployment service can transform your used equipment into like new equipment, upgraded, refurbished and prepared to be even better than before. With our service, you no longer discard used I.T assets you can redeploy them to other staff members or roles and we take care of the whole process for you!

Let us take care of your I.T.

I.T asset management and redeployment can be a time-consuming process that very rarely is cost-effective to perform internally for any business. Our service will take this problem and turn it into a solution that will save time money and man power.

Save money and time.
Sometimes there is no need to buy new IT equipment for your business when you already have the equipment ready to use. Many companies assume buying new equipment is the answer. Our Redeployment service will transform used IT equipment to like new. We have the ability to literally collect from a desk refurbish and redeploy as if it was a new asset to its new location at your workplace.The procedure for the computer being redeployed is as follows:

The computer will be reformatted, renamed, and reconfigured prior to installation. No file transfers will be allowed on the redeployed unit.

Our services includes a full transparent reporting process by our unique Recycling Manager Software in order that your management of company assets remains accurate.

Please contact our team on 01865 952725 to enquire more details about Re-deployment.

Please complete the contact form if you are an entity in need of electronics and computer recycling.

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