Safe PC Disposal offers cost-effective and Secure Data Destruction services for all data-bearing equipment and devices. One of the greatest concerns faced by our customers when disposing of their redundant IT equipment is the removal and destruction of personal and/or sensitive data contained within them.

Safe PC Disposal provides Secure Data Destruction services, either in-house, or On-site at your premises if you wish to witness the process. All processes are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive and full documentation is provided.

In order to prevent unauthorized access, restricted data on computers, electronic devices, and electronic media  must be securely erased or destroyed prior to disposal, re-use or return to vendor. This includes workstations, laptops, portable devices, printers, copy machines, faxes, data sticks, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, tapes, etc. -- basically  anything with a hard drive or external storage that is used with restricted data

We offer data erasure services for items including:

Mobile phones
Networking Equipment
Tablets etc.

Secure Media Disposal:

SafePC will destroy any electronic media (hard drives, CDs/DVDs, tapes, etc.) that contains restricted data, including PII
(personal identity information) and PHI (protected health information).

Computer Surplus & Disposal:

When computer equipment is no longer useful, SafePC can prepare computers for surplus or e-waste including securely erasing data.

Please complete the contact form if you are an entity in need of electronics and computer recycling.

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